The Direct Press + Larkmead Harvest Award

The Direct Press + Larkmead Harvest Award

A chance to work harvest, get paid, and have expenses fully covered


Hi everyone, we want to get the word out about our partnership with Larkmead Vineyards to offer an award to assist in becoming a harvest intern. Many of you know our former Vanderbilt Ave colleague Monica Palenzuela — recipient of the Roots Fund "Stay Rooted" scholarship who now is the Cellar Master at Larkmead — and we've put this together with her.
The Direct Press Harvest Award is open to anyone with an interest in a career in the wine industry, and we strongly encourage BIPOC to apply. While Larkmead does pay their interns a commensurate hourly wage, that does not eliminate many of the other costs that can be significant obstacles for many who would benefit from this opportunity — including relocating for several months and having funds necessary to afford the daily cost of living in the Napa Valley during the internship.
With that in mind we are offering this award. The recipient will receive $4,500 in three installments. This award is meant to cover rent, transportation, meals, and round-trip airfare for the duration of the internship.

Read more about the Direct Press + Larkmead Harvest Award

Larkmead Vineyards is one of the oldest family-owned establishments in Napa Valley. To put it plainly, Larkmead is one of the most respected wineries in America amongst wine industry professionals. They consistently make balanced, vineyard-driven wines and an internship there is a top-tier step towards a successful career in the wine world.

Finalists will need to make themselves available for a Zoom interview. The application process is now open and ends on July 10th.  The Award winner will be notified on or about July 20th and the recipient must make a commitment by August 1st.

All the other information can be viewed here, including the application.
If you have any additional questions, just email us and we'll be happy to answer.
Please spread the word and help us give someone a unique opportunity!
Greg, Jonathan, Kirk, and Monica

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