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Direct Press Harvest Award

The Direct Press Harvest Award provides financial assistance to hardworking people who are passionate about wine but do not have the financial means to pursue their passion


As this is the inaugural year of the Direct Press Harvest Award, there will likely be questions. Below are some of the common questions about the award. Should you have questions not answered below, please e-mail us.

Direct Press and its parent company Vanderbilt Ave Wine Merchants are awarding one applicant with the funds necessary to afford the daily cost of living in the Napa Valley during the host winery’s requirement term of employment.  Larkmead Vineyards will employ the recipient of the Award as a Harvest Intern and will pay the recipient a commensurate hourly wage.

The Direct Press Harvest Award is open to anyone with an interest in a career in the wine industry, and we strongly encourage BIPOC to apply.  Applicants must be 21+ years of age, be able to perform the job duties outlined in the Harvest Intern job description, have a valid Driver’s License, and be employable in the United States.  The Harvest Internship will take place in California from on or about September 1st through November 1st so applicants must be able to live in the Napa Valley area during this time.  If selected for the position the winery will be in contact with you closer to confirm exact start date.

Larkmead Vineyards is one of the oldest family-owned establishments in Napa Valley. To put it plainly, Larkmead is one of the most respected wineries in America amongst wine industry professionals. They consistently make balanced, vineyard-driven wines and an internship there is a top-tier step towards a successful career in the wine world.

If you'd like to learn more about Larkmead Vineyards we encourage you to visit their website.

You will receive $4,500 in three installments.  This award is meant to cover rent, transportation, meals, and your round-trip airfare for the duration of the internship.  While we are confident that this award is sufficient for all major out-of-pocket expenses, any additional expenses incurred during your employment by Larkmead will be yours to afford.

Great question!  A harvest intern wears many hats and at Larkmead they will be an integral part of a small team during the duration of the harvest season.  For a detailed description, please see the full job-posting.

Please complete this submission form.  Finalists will need to make themselves available for a brief video or Zoom interview.  The application process is now open and ends on July 10th.  The Award winner will be notified on or about July 20th and the recipient must make a commitment by August 1st.

Napa County and the city of Napa are a ton of fun and are filled with some of the greatest and warmest people in the wine industry. There are tons of restaurants, bars, and shops in Napa proper as well as the key surrounding winemaking towns, and obviously lots of outdoor activities. If you are selected for a follow-up interview we'd be happy to connect you with someone living and working in the area so you can learn more.

We're happy to answer any and all questions you may have.  If you have questions about the Award or the application process please e-mail us here at VWM in Brooklyn.  If you have questions about Larkmead, life in Napa, or anything related to the job itself, please e-mail the Cellar Master at Larkmead.

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