Direct Press Harvest Award

2023 Direct Press Harvest Award


Direct Press Wine Club is very excited to announce that the 2023 Direct Press Harvest Award will be in partnership with Idlewild Wines and Ruth Lewandowski Wines.

Operating out of a shared winery just a few minutes from Healdsburg in Sonoma County, Sam Bilbro (Ildewild) and Evan Lewandowski (Ruth Lewnadowski) are looking for a hard-working individual to help make their 2023 wines.  You will live and work with the team for a fast-paced two weeks this fall, learning every facet of winemaking.

This is an opportunity to get plugged into a small and highly respected team of winemakers to actually get your hands dirty.  You will be a necessary team member, not a cog in a wheel.

The ideal candidate for the Direct Press Harvest Award is someone who has been exposed to wine in some form, looking to learn a lot more, but doesn't have the funds to actually make it happen.  Maybe you've been waiting tables and your favorite days are when you get to taste or learn about wine.  Maybe you've been cooped up in a city apartment and always dreamed about what it would be like to farm and make something with your hands.  Or maybe you just really need an opportunity to make a change in your life.  The Award is open to anyone 21+ and we strongly encourage BIPOC to apply.

You probably have a lot of questions so hopefully the FAQs will answer them.  If not, please drop us an email at

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When you're ready to submit your application, please do so with the following link.  Finalists will need to make themselves available for a Zoom/video interview. The application process is now open and ends on June 21st.