The most educational, affordable, flexible wine club around. 

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$99 a month, shipping included

Choose from 4 options:
2 whites and 2 reds
4 reds
4 whites
2 upgraded selections

We deliver to NYC and ship to most states.

Save 20% by picking your wines up each month. Use the code PICKUP when signing up. There's no better deal in wine—we've looked.

Members receive 10% any wine featured in Direct Press. That 's a lot of amazing wine. Check out all the Direct Press Selections here

Cancel or pause at any time. No strings attached.

Learn about wine, naturally

Drink wine that is free of synthetic additives and farmed organically—while learning about farming and making wine in pre-industrial ways.

Natural wine is a vague term, but you'll learn about things like sulfites, biodynamics, orange wines, and more so you can better navigate the world of wine. 


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The Direct Press 'zine is home to some of the most in-depth wine writing you'll find, with original content by our experienced team. Every month we explore a different theme and feature exclusive interviews with winemakers. Print and digital versions.

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Declassified French Wines
North American Hybrids
Jura, Savoie, and Bugey
Women Winemakers
The Loire Valley
Zero Sulfur Wines

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