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The most educational, affordable, flexible wine club around. Drink natural wine and start saving 15-20% off.

What makes one wine club different from another? Curation, content, options, and price.
I've looked at what other wine clubs offer, and I want Direct Press to go even further, so our curation is turned up to 11. New York Magazine included us in their 'Best Wine Subscriptions' noting that “Natural wine may be on restaurant menus all over New York, but it can be hard to find a subscription service sans sulfur due to the usually small production of these wines.” That is our specialty, and we often include highly allocated wines or exclusive imports you won't find elsewhere.

'Press' here for Direct Press

There are 4 different options all for $80, and you can change it up whenever you want. In the end, members get 15-20% off the shelf price of these wines. That is better than a standard 10% case discount for far less wine. We have seen wine clubs out there offering $80 of wine for $100—this is the opposite. You aren't paying more for our expertise, you're paying less.
There are no commitments; pause or cancel whenever. Gift options are available for any length of time.

Gift Options

Learn about wine—naturally.

Direct Press members get to drink wine that is free of synthetic additives and farmed organically—while learning about farming and making wine in pre-industrial ways.
Natural wine is a vague term, but you'll learn about things like sulfites, biodynamics, orange wines, and more so you can better navigate the world of wine. 
We really do our homework to create original content for our monthly 'zine, including interviews with winemakers and importers as well as tasting notes.
Check out some of our past newsletters and themes:

Sign up any time this month and you'll receive December's theme, which is 'Sowing The Seeds: Natural Wine Originators.' It's a perfect introduction to the wine club, as we're featuring the people who laid the groundwork for the natural wine movement.  

Pickup In Brooklyn

Pick up your Direct Press at Vanderbilt Ave Wine Merchants and save on delivery. Wines are ready on the first day of the month.

NYC Delivery for $15

You'll still be getting these wines cheaper than you will find on them on the shelf at your neighborhood shop—if you can find them. Direct Press features small-production wines that are very limited. 

Shipping across the US

We use a common carrier to ship to most states. Rates are caculated at checkout. 

Join the conversation

For us, Direct Press is an opportunity to do what we love and bring it to a bigger audience. Wine has been connecting us for over 10,000 years, and Direct Press is our favorite way of connecting people to wine.

Jonathan Kemp and the Vanderbilt Ave Wine team


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