DIRECT PRESS September 2023 • Declassified

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The French appellation system, or appellation d'origine contrôlée (AOC for short) is a venerable institution that helped rescue the wine trade less than a century ago from widespread fraud.  
As the 20th century progressed, it became clear that this guarantee of higher quality translated into more money; so the AOC system grew quickly, almost miraculously rescuing the wine trade and shaping it into what we know today.
And yet France's labeling system has been in peril for decades now, and it's unclear what can be done to fix it. What happened?
All of the wines featured this month are declassified from the French AOC system for various reasons. They are from some of our favorite winemakers: Olivier Cousin, Fred Niger of Domaine l'Ecu, Fabien Jouves, Eric Texier, Jeff Coutelou, Axel Prüfer of Temps des Cerises, Alexandre Bain, and even our old friend Fifi of Chez Bascule.
Read all about it in this month's Direct Press.
Jonathan, Bruno, Jeremy, Demi, & Greg

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