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How small growers make the most personal wines

This month we're featuring producers working with under 10 hectares of vines: that's less than the size of Fort Greene Park.
Changing the scale of wine production drastically changes the end product. It's easy to get caught up in arguments about sulfur and farming, but the struggle between small producers and giant entities is the most consequential. It is a fight for survival, as well as ideals.
Included in the newsletter is an exclusive sneak peek from Stephen Bitterolf's new book Ten Years of Hocks & Moselles which is out this month. If you enjoy reading Direct Press, this will be right up your alley. Stephen was a mentor and huge influence on my wine career. We worked together at Crush® Wine & Spirits many years ago where he was a seasoned buyer and I was a green sales associate. His small import company Vom Boden is built upon the small, passionate producers we feature each month, so he speaks to this month's theme in a particularly poignant way. His book is a must for any wine lover and will make for a very special gift as we get into the holidays.
Read all about it in this month's Direct Press.
Jonathan, Bruno, Jeremy, Demi, & Greg

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