DIRECT PRESS November 2022


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As Thanksgiving approaches this month, we wanted to put together the most versatile group of wine we could find. Everyone has a different way of celebrating this food-centric holiday. At its best, Thanksgiving serves as a way to gather people together to share food and drink. At its worst it forces people together out of obligation, starts arguments, and/or necessitates painful avoidance of certain topics. If wine is the most fraught topic of conversation, that is probably a nice situation in which to find yourself. 
Either way, the goal this month was to pick out wines that could satisfy a wide range of tastes and cuisines, allowing for wide departures from traditional Thanksgiving.
We are lucky to have you and the rest of the Direct Press members allowing us to be your guides. This month the stories are varied, the grapes might be a little obscure, and the vines are sometimes planted off the beaten path; it's a bit of a style salad, a genre grab bag, if you will. The important things is that they come from a wide swath of people who are putting their own feelings and passions into their work, so I know they can similarly reach a wide group of wine drinkers with their own strong feelings who want wines to take them to new places.

Jonathan and Bruno

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