DIRECT PRESS March 2024 • Women In Wine


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Every year I consider doing another feature on women in the wine industry and every year I feel conflicted. The last thing I want it to be is performative, tokenizing, and just talking to the same group of people; however, talking to more women winemakers and getting their response to our past newsletters on the subject shows me that there is still a compelling reason to do an annual focus on women and have them do most of the talking. 

I was fortunate to speak with some of the people behind the wines we’re featuring this month, including Erin Rasmussen of the American Wine Project in Wisconsin; Claudine Lteif and Michelle Chami of Heya Wines in Lebanon; Chenoa Ashton-Lewis of Ashanta in California; and Joy Kull of La Villana in Lazio, Italy. In many ways they have continued the conversation we had last March with Megan Bell, Summer Wolff, Tara Gomez, Mireia Taribó, and Brianne Day. You can check out the 2023 newsletter on our website or we can print copies upon request. 

March is about seeing, listening, drinking, and connecting with women winemakers, so read all about it in this month's newsletter.

Jonathan, Bruno, Jeremy, Nico, and Greg

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