DIRECT PRESS July 2023 • Hybrid Theory

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Europe has been dominated by only one species of grape — Vitus vinifera — for thousands of years. North America, by contrast, has long been home to a diverse mix of over 70 grape species.

Hybrids that combine North American species like riparia and labrusca with European vinifera are less costly to farm, require less chemicals to protect them from insects and fungal diseases, and can thrive in a much wider range of conditions: that's why we can feature wines this month from North Carolina, Virginia, New Jersey, New York, Vermont, Ontario, and Quebec.

Wider use of these grapes can have a huge environmental and sociological impact, so why are these grapes still so controversial and maligned?

Find out more in the month's Direct Press.

As a bonus, we will be comping tickets for any member to attend this year's 'Anything But Vinifera' ABV seminar on July 11th. This year theme is Economy of SCALE (Social Capital Above Legacy of Exploitation). Stay tuned for more details.


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