DIRECT PRESS April 2024 • Vamos Falar de Portugal


(Let's talk about Portugal)
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Have you ever dreamed that your small, cramped apartment had doors leading to rooms you somehow never knew about? As a wine lover that is what exploring Portugal now feels like: opening the door to a whole other world of wine that you never knew existed. This includes centuries-old vineyards, dramatically distinct topography, and learning about grape varieties I've never heard of. 
When I visited Portugal in March of 2022, it seemed like the natural wine scene was just beginning to emerge from the dominance of big, commercial producers. Two years later, there are more and more wines coming out of Portugal that are blowing me away. We tasted so many amazing wines this month that we couldn't include in Direct Press, but we still wanted to have on our shelves, so if you like what you receive this month, there is more where that came from. I think what is particularly exciting is the group of winemakers who are using natural winemaking not as an end in itself, but as a way to express some of the more unique, distinct aspects of Portuguese terroir. That means a range of flavors and aromatic signatures that feel genuinely novel, poignant, and entrancing. 
Read all about it in this month's Direct Press 'zine!
Jonathan, Jeremy, Nico, and Greg

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