Roberto Henríquez is a studious voice in this exciting movement in Chilean wine farming. His work is focused in the Bio Bio Valley, with long term agreements with farmers tending some of the region's oldest vineyards — Chile has a unique heritage of vines that can be 300 years old and still producing fruit.

Direct Press August 2022: Chile's Gnarly Old Legacy

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This month we're exploring the incredible legacy of old vines and peasant wines in Chile that have captured our imagination. We're featuring winemakers who center their inspired work on the premise that dry-farmed (more on this in a future Direct Press) ancient vineyards require very little stylizing to showcase their unique terroirs. There is also a new generation who have been inspired to work with these old vines in the old way. Itata, Bío Bío, and Maule are exciting places to be making wine today, much like when natural wines from the Loire Valley, Jura, and Beaujolais were beginning to spark the collective interest.


Jonathan and Bruno

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