Attend the ABV Wine Summit — On Us

As a tie-in to our July Direct Press on North American hybrid grapes, we want to offer our members comped tickets the ABV summit. ABV has been central to the effort to expand the use and acceptance of non-vinifera fermentations. This includes hybrid grapes as well as grains, rice, and fruit. This year's theme is 'economy of SCALE (Social Capital Above Legacy of Exploitation).'
Read more about the event in this piece  for Punch by Jirkeh Jireh, she does a far better job of explaining the scope and history of ABV than I can.
Tickets are $20 for each of the two different sessions on July 11th, or $10 for the virtual sessions. To attend, members can purchase tickets on their own. When you've purchased your ticket, just email We will reimburse you thought your Direct Press subscription after your attendance is confirmed; this is because seats are limited and the organizers want to limit tickets to those who will be there.


Direct Press is $80 a month, and this month our members are receiving $103 worth of wine on average. With a ticket to ABV there is really no better wine club value around. No strings attached, cancel whenever. Sign up here

This is a rare opportunity to learn about the intersection between wine, climate change, community land access politics, and solidarity economics — things that will shape our world now and in the coming years.
Hope to see you there!



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