Domaine des Sablonnettes

      Christine and Joel Ménard of Domaine des Sablonnettes have been making natural wine long before anyone in New York ever started calling it natural wine. Decades of organic and biodynamic farming coupled with meticulous winemaking has rewarded them with exceptionally rich soils, healthy, vibrant fruit, and consistently stellar wines year after year. Christine and Joel’s son, Jeremy, who heads the winemaking now, continues his parents practice of making wines with minimal intervention, no artificial yeasts, and with little or no sulfur. Despite their gained notoriety in more recent years, Sablonnette wines have remained affordable and accessible to their loyal followers.

      All this is to say we have 4 cuvees newly restocked, and we’re stoked. Come by the shop or check them out online, but definitely grab some before they’re gone.
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