Austrian philosopher Rudolf Steiner laid out a holistic approach to agriculture called 'Biodynamics' in 1924. It goes beyond what is considered organic today.

DIRECT PRESS January 2023


Cow poop and cosmic calendars — these are usually the first things that come up when talking about Biodynamics. Unavoidable to be sure, they are only the beginning of any look at this esoteric approach to farming. Organic certification can be granted by any number of entities worldwide and requirements vary greatly; but at its core it is a ban on synthetic chemicals and fertilizers. Biodynamic certification is another story. 
Read all about what makes a farm Biodynamic in this month's newsletter; you'll get answers to questions like 'do all Biodynamic wines smell like cow manure?' and 'what is a root day?'

Jonathan and Bruno

[Read the Newsletter and Tasting Notes (PDF)]

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