DIRECT PRESS February 2024 • Low Alcohol Wines

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Turning down the heat

This month we're featuring wines with no more than 11.5% alcohol by volume (abv). For many this will be a nice transition out of Dry January. On the cold, snowy January days we were auditioning wines for this month's selections, I was questioning the theme, wondering if big, beefy wines would be more suited to the chilly temperatures. Instead it reinforced why many of us have been seeking out these wines to begin with: they were rejuvenating, not fatiguing, and full of flavor and personality. They felt like a sign of life, like a crocus popping its petals through the gray blanket of winter.
According to a study by the American Association of Wine Economists, every country in the world saw a jump in the alcohol levels of wine from 1992 to 2007. But how much of this is driven by climate change and how much is driven by market demands? The data seems to point more towards human intervention.
Jonathan, Bruno, Jeremy, Nico, and Greg

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