Cardedu "Astili" Rosso Sardegna 2019

Cardedu "Astili" Rosso Sardegna 2019

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Direct Press Selection | August 2021

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Sardinia is remote enough from the Italian mainland to still be a little behind the times when it comes to winemaking. But that's just fine by me, since it means that family wineries like Cardedu, which has a history dating to the 900s, never got on board with chemical treatments. 

The 'Astili' is a great way to get a sense of Sardinia's unique personality because it's a field blend from a single vineyard planted with grapes found only on the island. Cannonau, the most well-known Sardinian grape, is a subtype of Grenache that developed it's own character after several centuries of isolation on Sardinia, and it makes up 50% of the blend here. The rest is a mix of Monica, Bovale, and Pascale, all specific Sardinian biotypes. 

This is unmistakably a wine from a coastal region — it is quite briny and tannic — but somehow it all stays fresh, with lots of blueberry and cherry notes that brighten up the darker, earthy umami. Chill this down for sure, and enjoy the tasty island juice inside with funky cheese, prosciutto, or even swordfish. [Jonathan Kemp, July 2021] 

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